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Welcome to Blackadar Analytic Inc. the most powerful ally you'll ever have in negotiating courier and freight services.  We specialize in courier and freight negotiation, benchmarking, auditing and cost analysis optimization.


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With our industry knowledge and marketplace leverage, it's possible for us to save your company up to 30% of its current courier and freight spending. 

We unlock the full value of your company's courier and freight services investment by negotiating world class contracts - service agreements that include not just best pricing but also the terms and conditions that let companies respond to change and capture savings.  Blackadar Analytic Inc. offers a   SUITE OF SERVICES that assist companies to:

  • Benchmark their courier costs against those of others
  • Create bid documents that flush-out the issues the courier companies don't want to talk about
  • Use computer cost modeling to compare and evaluate competing bids
  • Create freight optimization initiatives that can significantly alter costs going forward
  • Provide expertise on available technology as related to courier shipping/EDI/Bar Code scanning/RFID
  • Provide both tools and training for logistics departments to check billing accuracy and monitor cost reduction initiatives.

Blackadar Analytic Inc. is an expert in International shipping between the United states, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Electronic invoice files from your shippers and the cost miser are the key to controlling and reducing your transportation expense.

For further information regarding Blackadar Analytic Inc. and our services, please contact us or send an inquiry.


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