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Benchmarking existing courier rates

Benchmarking of your rates against both similar and dissimilar businesses may be a wise choice before your company commits to going through the bid process. Blackadar will identify current rates in the courier and freight marketplace and let you know exactly where you stand.  You can learn where the leading edge of the market is, where your contract leverage points are, and the minimum savings possible by using Blackadar services. More



Get it right and the bid process can reinforce your carrier partnerships. Blackadar works with you in the negotiation process by creating a customized tender and negotiation strategy - a methodology for achieving the greatest results. We know what to ask, when to ask it, and when and how to escalate the negotiation. More


Bill Auditing

All of the couriers have a 3-4% billing error. Most courier invoices arrive with problems and errors that need to be flushed out.  We work with you to capture these errors and save dollars More


Cost Avoidance and Optimization Opportunities

With unmatched industry expertise, perspective, market leverage and process we can significantly reduce your courier and freight spend by as much as 25%.  Our performance based fee model makes it a guaranteed service:  If you don't save, you don't pay us a fee. More


Technology Expertise

Blackadar can provide you expertise as to shipping systems, bar code scanning and RFID.  Get your warehouse and shipping right by delighting your customers and  capturing the benefits of new technologies.